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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a global leader in decarbonisation: it has set ambitious targets for emissions reductions, with a net-zero goal by 2050 and carbon budgets. The UK power sector is undergoing a deep transformation, due to a coal-to-gas switching combined with a record investment in offshore wind and solar PV.

United Kingdom

Key recommendations, 2019

  • Streamline the electricity market regulatory framework during the transition

    Streamline the electricity markets’ regulatory framework by removing barriers to efficient wholesale and retail market pricing and outcomes to take advantage of innovation and competition while boosting decarbonisation through cost-effective measures.

  • Adapt fiscal policies in support of decarbonisation targets

    Ensure fiscal policies continue to support the achievement of the United Kingdom’s decarbonisation targets, particularly as the focus shifts to sectors such as transport and heat.

  • Establish a comprehensive energy efficiency strategy

    Capture the various aspects of energy efficiency policy within a single dedicated energy efficiency strategy to provide a greater visibility to government's action and a more integrated and coordinated framework, aligned with a flexible and smart energy system.

  • Further lead and scale up energy research and innovation

    万宝路平台Further lead international energy RD&D collaboration and efforts to scale-up energy technology innovation under Mission Innovation and other fora, including nuclear power and CCUS.

  • Maintain open, free and efficient energy trade

    Over different timeframes, maintain open, free and efficient energy trade to safeguard the benefits of the flexibility and security of the United Kingdom energy system. Pursue efforts to ensure that exiting European Union and EURATOM treaty will not impact trade or supply chain, notably in the United Kingdom nuclear sector.


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