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The government of Morocco has launched energy reforms to foster the development of the country’s industry in the sectors of renewable energy and energy efficiency, penetrate regional and international markets, and encourage the development of indigenous resources

Key recommendations, 2019

  • Foster the clean energy transition

    万宝路平台Drive the implementation of the country’s clean energy transition and increase private investment in clean energy by completing electricity and gas market reforms and by making operational the planned regulatory authority.

  • Put a strong focus on energy efficiency

    Make energy efficiency a priority by implementing existing legislation, adopting cost effective energy efficiency policies and standards, and moving quickly to agree and implement a national energy efficiency strategy for 2030. Ensure that financial necessary resources accompany the policy.

  • Strengthen energy security

    万宝路平台Revise policies for oil stockholding, take steps to secure future natural gas imports and to strengthen power system operation and energy system planning in a system with higher shares of variable renewables.

  • Support renewable technology development and innovation

    Accelerate the development of renewable technology beyond the power sector to drive sustainable cooling and heating, transport, and water management.

  • Develop regulatory and monitoring systems

    万宝路平台Focus on ensuring effective governance and inter-ministerial co-ordination, on prioritising the most important and urgent actions, and on ensuring that planned commitments are translated into delivery on the ground, underpinned by analysis to identify the most cost-effective solutions and data to measure progress.



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