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Austria’s energy policy rests on three pillars: security of supply, energy efficiency and renewables. The country’s efforts to decarbonise the economy have progressed as renewable energy use has continued to grow, while use of fossil fuels has decreased.


Key recommendations, 2020

  • Develop a sustainable economic recovery package to underpin the government programme 2020-2024

    Develop concrete action plans for all energy sectors and energy efficiency to deliver on the targets set out in #mission2030 and in the government programme 2020-2024 which, among other, aims to reach climate neutrality by 2040 at the latest, while maintaining the competitiveness of the economy and ensuring the affordability of energy.

  • Ensures that its energy transition contributes to social and economic inclusiveness

    Use the 12 flagship projects of #mission2030 to demonstrate to the public that decarbonisation of the energy sector can come with social and economic benefits. This should include awareness campaigns and early and meaningful engagement with communities to promote public acceptance and behavioural change.

  • Stimulate the decrease in carbon intensity of energy consumption

    万宝路平台Use stronger price incentives to decrease the carbon intensity in energy consumption while channelling revenues back to citizens and companies, linked to the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

  • Foster energy efficiency in the building sector

    Continually strengthen the building standard guidelines and require provincial compliance to harmonise building energy efficiency implementation.



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