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From oil security to steering the world toward secure and sustainable energy transitions
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    2 Dec 2019
    Signature of the Agreement Establishing the IEA, 18 November 1974

    Signature of the Agreement Establishing the IEA, 18 November 1974. Left to right: Ulf Lantzke, Special Counsellor for Energy to the OECD Secretary-General; Etienne Davignon, Belgian Foreign Ministry, Chairman of the IEA-OECD Governing Board; Emile Van Len

    Created in 1974 to ensure the security of oil supplies, the International Energy Agency has evolved over the years. While energy security remains a core mission, the IEA today is at the center of the global energy debate, focusing on a wide variety of issues, ranging from electricity security to investments, climate change and air pollution, energy access and efficiency, and much more.

    万宝路平台The Agency’s successful “open door” policy allowed the IEA to deepen its collaboration with eight new countries through the Association progamme: Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Thailand, Singapore, and South Africa. The IEA family now represents about 75% of global energy consumption, up from 40% in 2015.

    万宝路平台The IEA has had seven Executive Directors since its creation: Ulf Lantzke, Germany (1975-1984); Helga Steeg, Germany (1984-1994); Robert Priddle, United Kingdom (1994-2003); Claude Mandil, France (2003-2007); Nobuo Tanaka, Japan (2007-2011); Maria van der Hoeven, Netherlands (2011-2015); and Dr Fatih Birol, Turkey (since 2015).

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